8 Things We Learnt After Watching Panchayat S2


Things We Learnt After Watching Panchayat 2

1. It's important to always be happy and enjoy every moment

always- be- happy- enjoy - every- moment-panchayat- haq- se- engineer

Happiness is more important than a good feeling or a yellow smiley face. Panchayat  Sachav Ji tells us to enjoy every moment of life and make the very best of it.” Happiness is the secret of sauce”.

2. Always buy a good birthday gift to impress your crush

Crush-Panchyat- haq-se-engineer- learn

A crush is like a “burning desire to be with someone who you find attractive and special to you”.  Panchayat Sachav Ji has followed the same method to impress Rinki.


3. Never lose your self-respect to make things work

self- respect-panchayat-haq-se-engineer

Pradhan Ji is soft and kind-hearted but not a fool. Don’t lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make people accept, and love when they just aren’t capable.

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4. Always wear a smile, Just like Vikas and Prahlad Ji


Life is too short for worrying about anything so please smile. Just smile like Vikas and Prahlad Ji in any situation.

5. Beware of Banrakas


We all have that one person in our life who is elaichi to our biryani.

6. Dost Yaar Pariwaar


Your people will always stand by you, no matter what. In panchayat Pradhan JI, Panchayat Sachiv Ji, Vikas, and Prahlad example of true friendship.

7. Find yourself a friend like Siddu

friends-things-panchayt- learn-haq-se - engineer

One who always stands by you and motivates you. and help in a difficult time. Like Siddu he always motivated Sachav Ji.

8.Family is everything


The most important thing to learn from panchayat is Family means nobody gets left behind and forgotten.

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