College Review – Maharashtra Academy of Engineering (MIT AOE)

MIT – No no bro its not Massachusetts Institute of Technology its Maharashtra Institute of Technology’s Academy of Engineering (Don’t know why such a big name). Established in 1999 and got autonomous status in 2014. Located in Alandi Pune one of the famous religious places in Maharashtra.

Fee Structure

Open Candidate1,30,237 Rs
OBC Candidate71,374 Rs


  1. Autonomous Status – You will get a Btech Degree, Updated curriculum, get extra insights about trends, (these are the features of autonomous colleges but as we already said  autonomous status is subject to market risk.)
  • Peaceful Environment – College is situated in the middle of the temples & you will get spiritual energy (NO NEED OF MEDITATION!).
  • Cleanliness is well maintained and hostels are also well furnished.


  1. Placements – If you are from Comp/IT then there are chances of placement but if you are from mech or civil or any branch then you have to take efforts to build your personality up to the mark.
  • Faculty – Most of the faculties are not aware and hands-on to the new technologies it will hamper the overall performance of both students and faculties.
  • Not focus on student development only stick to RATTA MAAR techniques.

Akshay Bhosale

Founder of haqseengineer.com

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