Difference Between NAAC & NBA Accreditation

A broad overview of the process of accreditation


The assessment by NAAC primarily focuses on three aspects while evaluating an institution;

  • Quality initiative,
  • Quality sustenance
  • and Quality enhancement.

The A&A process of NAAC involves a combination of self evaluation and external peer evaluation. NAAC is more concerned about the developmental aspects of the institution in the context of quality. Self-evaluation is crucial in the process of A&A. It has a tremendous contribution in promoting objectivity, self-analysis, reflection and professionalism on the part of higher educational institutions (HEI). The self-evaluation proforma of NAAC provided as “manuals for self study” intend to discuss this input-process-output mechanism.

Also, the Self-Study Report (SSR) which the institution submits during the A&A is expected to serve as a catalyst for institutional self-improvement, and promote innovation.

Curricular Aspects.
Teaching-Learning and Evaluation.
Research, Consultancy and Extension.
Infrastructure and Learning Resources.
Student Support and Progression.
Governance, Leadership and Management.
Innovations and Best Practices.

NBA, or the National Board of Accreditation, is an autonomous government body that is responsible for the accreditation various technical and professional programs of institutions across the country. They also monitor and suggest necessary progressive changes both in and around the curriculum. The NBA is responsible for assuring the quality of education especially of the professional programmes like engineering and technology, management, architecture, pharmacy and hospitality.

The NBA undertakes the assessment of quality standards, of various educational institutions, and they does that with the help of a well-written objectives and guidelines.

Steps for accreditation
The (any) institution has to go through some steps in order to receive the accreditation. They have to fulfill certain conditions put forward by the NBA. And finally, there will be a visit by some authorised personnels from it to assess and evaluate the institution and other deciding factors related to it. The following is about what each have to do in the accreditation process

The Accreditation Criteria

  1. Vision, Mission and Programme Educational Objectives(PEO).
  2. Program Curriculum.
  3. Program Outcomes(PO).
  4. Student Performance.
  5. Faculty Contributions.
  6. Facilities and Technical Support.
  7. Continuous Improvement.
  8. First Year Academics.
  9. Student Support systems.
  10. Governance, Institutional Support and Financial Resources.

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