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Success Story - Shivangi Kumthekar Artistry (Makeupwali Engineer)

In India, if you are a bright child in your school days then after the 12th you are left out with only 2 options – Doctor or Engineer. 1st one is okay but the second one, everyone knows how would it go if you are not interested and took engineering under parents’ pressure or because of status, friend’s choices, etc.

Why follow the mainstream, how long will you pull off an unsatisfactory job??

Journey of Shivangi from Pune who is an E&TC engineer turned professional makeup artist in his words!

Early Life of Shivangi -

It all started when my dad decided he wants one of his children to become an engineer. And he chose me to become it! I was a scholar, always in the first three ranks in my class. So he could see the potential. And got me into an Engineering college without letting me know. I wanted to opt for either MPSC or Some artistic field. After my 12th I got myself into Ferguson college for a BSC course. Attended it for a month or two. My father tried to get me admitted to engineering colleges till the last minute. initially, he suggested some average colleges & I ended up rejecting the fact that I won’t be able to work on my goal while doing the engineering curriculum. But destiny had something else written for me. My dad got me into a good college of Sinhgad institutes. And I started my journey of becoming an engineer against my will.

Shivangi in his Engineering Days -

The journey of becoming an engineer was like a Roller coaster. The heavy syllabus, studying day and night, failing sometimes blaming my parents for everything it was quite difficult. I was an average student until I got the key to score with good marks. I was such a brat that none of the teachers counted me on their favorites list but I left everyone amazed by the highest grade in my department. So I completed Engineering in E&TC and stood first in my department with around 80% which is a great percentile in Engineering. The saddest part was my dad passed away 3 months before my graduation


Government Job at DRDO -

 He couldn’t see me passing out as an engineer. The year was very tough for me. And everyone around me used to feel bad that how my dad couldn’t be there when I actually aced out in BE. After My graduation, I got a contractual basis job at a government firm a branch of DRDO, ARDE (Pashan, Pune). 

Finding Passion & Switching Career in MUA -

Working 12 hours a day, being all caught up yet always felt that something is missing, happiness. I worked there for two years until I realized it wasn’t worth it if I can’t make myself enjoy the work throughout. The only thing I used to enjoy was getting ready for work. Which made me realize that I’m good at this. Since childhood sometimes I used to carry my mom’s lipstick. I would doll her up. Take pictures on that old Nikon roll camera. Make-up and its process fascinated me every time. Even in My college days, my friends found me creative for applying colorful eyeliners every single day. I felt more like myself by doing this and that’s when it struck me the happiness and satisfaction I searched for lied beneath my passion, it was Makeup! The next thing I know I was looking for make-up academies as I wanted to Make my love for make-up into a paid job. My mom thought it was a crazy idea when I first told her about my realization of becoming a makeup artist. She couldn’t digest that an engineer can switch to this job and She was worried about society and its opinions. The only person at that time who pushed me for doing this was my boyfriend. And later without Her will my mom also agreed and I got into an international beauty school of a diploma in makeup and hair artistry course.

Finally, Hard Work Paid off and Dreams Came True -

Of course, I was nervous but I blended with it just perfectly. I finished my course and started telling my friends about how I’ve switched my career And left the job. Being a topper and then leaving the job chasing a different field made them shocked. But the true ones were genuinely happy for me. Some made fun of me for changing my path. I started getting a good response in the field but there were some bad days that made me question my decision. But I kept going. I didn’t stop. And eventually, the hard work paid off when I started getting regular brides, and students. I was proud of being an engineer but I was also proud of being a makeup artist. So, I changed my Instagram username to makeupwali_engineer’. I was never ashamed of my choices.


The rise in my followers was the cherry on top which also was a great support. Because of my username, I got students who are engineers making me proud of them, they could relate to my journey. I was earning double the amount of my previous salary on achieving my first milestone my mom gained confidence in me and she was proud and happy for me. I could finally enjoy my working hours & could do this a number of times happily. I’m grateful for whatever I have achieved till now. I got married to my boyfriend. Having a supportive partner is also very important. Still, A way to go to be as successful, but I’m at peace With my achievements. Sure thing, Changing my part was a hard decision to make but proved to be the best one of my life.


Shivangi has worked really hard for his dream and has become an example for all the people who are struggling in life to achieve their dreams. Shivangi is an inspiration for youth all over the world who didn’t let their circumstances stop them from pursuing their dreams.


You can connect with Shivangi on Instagram & Facebook.

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