College Review – College of Engineering Pune (COEP).

download 1 College Review - College of Engineering Pune (COEP).

College of Engineering Pune (COEP) is one of the oldest & premier engineering institute established in 1854 and CoEP also known as the grandfather of all engineering institutes in Maharashtra. Some say that you can directly compare this institute with some of the IIT’s in India. that’s why if you want to do engineering &  get this college in your college admission then BOSS your life will set. college is located near Shivajinagar so you can be connected with the whole city is like a ring road all amenities you want you will get it by just at walking distance.

coep College Review - College of Engineering Pune (COEP).

Fee Structure

Open Candidate90,350 Rs
OBC Candidate49,350 Rs


1. Oldest & Reputed College – One of the oldest college ranks 3rd in the list for it in Asia.

2. Faculty – Faculties in Cope are well & highly qualified with their study & research in their respective field.

3. Autonomous – Are you not aware of what is autonomy? Don’t worry we will tell you – Autonomous college means the college has the authority to deal with curriculum and examinations (It doesn’t mean that all get pass)

4. Fees – If we compare fees to the private institute then it’s low near about 80 to 90 k

5. Placements – Well about placement scenario over 80 companies visited every year for an on-campus drive so if you have the ability then surely you will get placed (Placements are subjected to market demand & market risks)

6. Infrastructure – You will get all facilities & well-equipped labs and workshops so if you have guts to do something apart from the crowd then BOSS you are at the right place for research purpose.

7. College FESTS – All events and fests are amazing and give you a superb feeling. MINDSPARK & Regatta boat club is one of the biggest and prestigious events


1. 75% ATTENDANCE – If your attendance is 74.99 then might be you will get in trouble because most of the faculties are strict and they want to be disciplined in every semester  (Now don’t compare it with 3 Idiots Virus)

As we didn’t find much more cons in Cope because all are already set you just need to give a push to yourself.

Akshay Bhosale

Founder of haqseengineer.com

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