Reality of Engineering Education in India


To be an Engineer Do we get better Education??????

Definition: Engineers are the ones who have received professional training in pure and applied science. 

But according to Chatur, the leading actor in 3Idiots movie for him a machine is a complex definition from a book…. But not a simple definition.

If you have heard this definition, then you already know most things that suck in the Indian engineering stream. I am also a computer engineer, I took engineering for a few reasons.

I could not find better field and wanted to study in a reputed college computer engineers get good jobs(AS THEY SAY)

Engineers get good jobs and a better future

I can be rich but only by money not by my talent….

these were my few reasons and not to mention that my parents won’t listen to anything but this field.

Even when engineering is so cool thing to study( especially if you are from India), but still I have a doubt that am I really educating, this can be because of the fact that now my interest has changed to something else, but let’s see,

Fee Isuses

Why are we paying lacks of fees for education, shouldn’t education should be free, especially the one who can’t afford education if they are charging you millions My college fees is 2L and we don’t learn anything, so basically we are paying for a degree. It is Ok to pay if you want just the degree. Like if 10 engineers stand in a line I bet 5 will not know why they took engineering, 2 will be topper who don’t know anything but engineering and other 2 will have enough brain and potential to be an engineer and the last one will be an artist trapped in engineering. There should only be government colleges in India just like Finland. Finland has the most talented and happy students in their college, this is because there is no competition of colleges. Students don’t have to give up on their course just because admissions were full in that particular field in that particular college. From a new government, I just want that our Education must be free for everyone because education is not a business and this is not a request it is our right.

Poor Teaching Faculty

I don’t mean that they are poor. They get enough to live. I mean that half of the staff don’t know what they are doing or teaching? Most engineers get B-tech and then they join M-tech, then most of the engineers join banks or companies and few teach students. Just one thing, who thought them how to teach? they have no idea how to teach, they just come and go. The government should give first training (like in an industry given)for staff some have completed their PhD but don’t know how to teach a thing. Due to this students avoid going for classes and there is no interaction between a student and a staff which is a very bad thing. Our government should reduce our syllabus and should design it in such a way that most of the things should be practical before teaching staff should be well trained. Digital Learning must be there all over India according to science our brain learns more through pictorial then through any kind of book…



The most common thing will hear from youngsters, mostly from engineers that there are no jobs.

Company talented students, whom to blame every student is not the same everyone learning style is different we are not being thought engineering from birth. Things that happen in class are common since or are as small as a 1-month course( IF you are really slow) and few of them which are important and should be thought throughout the engineering are time-bounded.

how can anyone fails either you have understood it or not, if you have not understood anything try to learn it again it should not be called failed or dumb brain. we are still following the 17th-century method of teaching and learning process which was implemented in India to make sure we never grow smart.

If this is really modern era(Some people call it) then why are we just following stupid things why are we judging the students base on their marks??????

imagine teachers have decided to design a paper with questions like 2+2 =? and 5*45=? in engineering final year. most will pass with top ranks. everyone will be the topper. but who will be engineering? No one

students should be allowed to study as much as they want. when they think they can now face the world they should be sent to industry(EVERY STUDENT)there they can get more knowledge teacher should be there to guide( NOT TO give marks)Paragraph

When he is called an engineer if he has those industrial capabilities. a person like that will not be fired or will face job scarcity because he will be truly an engineer, but the person who doesn’t have he will be jobless this should not happen.

The government should have an alternative for these students they should not be jobless, they should be trained either living them and focusing on bright ones.

And now it’s time that our government should focus more on Education because this youth is only going to be our next Officers, Prime Minister these are the ones who are going to make improvements they are the ones who are going to handle all the issues of our country.


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