Shrikant Bhosale – Inspirational Story of Car Designer From Pune


In today’s competitive world if you see from an employment point of view, the 10th pass student will tell you that don’t choose mechanical & if you choose then your future will become worst. But as we know at the end of the day passion and knowledge (practical) is everything for any career growth. In today’s story that we are going to share, which tells you don’t give up & explore your Passion.

shrikant bhosale- car-designer

Inspirational Story of Shrikant Bhosale - Car Designer

Till 10th as we know very few students are able to predict in which field they can excel and others are just running behind the crowd. Shrikant did his 12th from rural area Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He loves to make sketch from school days & came to Pune for engineering and as we all know that if you are having less score on the entrance exam then engineering colleges in the mountains and hills are the only option left for you to “Just” to complete your engineering. 

shrikant bhosale- car-designer

After the first year (not some, but it’s common for almost 40-60% students) he got a year down remark. Then he realized that if he want to do something different then he needs to do differently and in that one year tenure, he started sketching on anything from simple structure of the car or any animal.


In 2nd year he started searching information from his friends who already doing engineering in the design field and he got to know only sketching won’t give him a practical knowledge and they suggested to learn design on software’s.

So he started  spending half of his time with those students (Mountain hills college’s won’t teach you these things, you need to search information yourself). He learned the basics of design from them and advanced level self study, by watching YouTube video’s, online courses etc.

Also, one most important thing that he did that he executed his knowledge in the practical world by doing internships. He got selected in the Mercedes Benz Pune as an intern where he learned a lot about various types of design. By seeing his work he got opportunities to work with top notch clients from abroad.

Shrikant told us that ” execution of your knowledge is very important to excel you choose your passion and try to make it simple. You will get lots of problems with what you are doing, but at the same time you have to break your comfort zone to get information or to learn the things”

Currently Shrikant is working as a Design Engineer at Mercedes Benz. We hope he gets more success in the future & inspirations for youngsters for achieving their dreams.

Sanket Parekar

Co-Founder | MBA Marketing from DMS PUMBA

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