Must Read – Regarding the SPPU Exams & special provision for the May-June, 2020 Examinations


Important Points Regarding Exams & Syllabus Planning for May-June 2020

It is mandatory for all students to fill the May- June examination form in 28th May (Link will be opened from 19th May) – If anyone already filled it then just ignore this point.

Students can make a exam fee payment by online payment gateway. After successfully in-warding of applications by individual college your process will be completed.

University is not going to charge any late fees but if you already paid late fees to the college then don’t worry you will get your refund after some instructions.

Special Instructions for NON FINAL YEAR STUDENTS

University is not going to conduct any type of practicals, oral, written examination for Non Final Year Students only.

Your final evaluation will be based on internals, termwork, assignments etc.

Those who are having their backlogs – Backlog examination are not going to conduct in May June sessions. It will be after starts of fresh semester & before 120 days of it.


Special Instructions for FINAL YEAR STUDENTS ONLY

Final year examinations will be conducted by traditional way (Backlogs also)

Evaluation will be based on internals/Insem/Sessional – 50% & final written exam -50%

All orals, practicals would be conducted through video conferences as per convienence (For 5th, 6th & 7th Sem backlogs only)


Instruction for CARRY FORWARD

Excluding FINAL YEAR STUDENTS all are eligible for carry forward criteria (Same applicable for YEAR DOWN students)

It is important to note that in future if these exams will be arranged then it is mandatory for a student to appear for it & get pass 

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