Success Story – How Engineering Student Yogendra Chavhan Became a Professional Photographer


Success Story – Yogendra Chavhan Photography

Yogendra is one of the few successful professional photographers in India today, He is well known for capturing the stunning images from streets of Maharashtra or any other places in India.
He started his journey of photography from SONY Cybershot.
Yogendra has struggled a lot in an initial stage of his life. He uses to gather money from which he purchases his camera & other instruments,
After completed engineering, he started to learn new areas of photography like modelling, pre-wedding, wedding, night photoshoot, child photography etc.
Apart from photography, Yogendra has been started taking photography classes as most of the students wants to learn from him.till date, he has been trained 200+ students in allover Maharashtra.
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Also, he is one of the popular faces on social media with 207K+ Instagram followers, 20K+ Youtube subscribers.
Yogendra currently working with many celebrities in Maharashtra, Also getting work from many places in India and other parts of the world.
We hope he gets more success in the future & inspirations for youngsters. for achieving their dreams.

Here are some snaps from Yogendra Chavhan Photography

Sanket Parekar

Co-Founder | MBA Marketing from DMS PUMBA


  1. मी जसा बगत आलो… तस मला एकच नाव ऐक्याला आलं…
    “Yogendra Chavan Photography”..
    त्यांनी मार्केट वर राजं केला बगता बगता…
    आणि अजून पण करत आहे..
    त्याची युनिक फोटोग्राफी बगुन मनाला समाधान वाटलं…
    योगेंद्र तुज्या पुढच्या वाटचाली साठी माज्या कडून खूप साऱ्या शुभेच्छा…

  2. A very Frank person and keeping positive energy while working and teaching their students

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