The Journey of Engineering to Miss Soneri Maharashtra – Prajakta Ghag


Prajakta Ghag - Miss Soneri Maharashtra Winner 2018


What inspired an engineering graduate to quit her career and take up modelling? Prajakta Ghag tells us!

If you are a studious girl through school and college and score 82 per cent in Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics, engineering is probably your destined profession.

Being an Engineer to Modelling Tell us about this journey.

First of all, I wanted to become a doctor it was my dream when I was in 12th. I tried a lot but due to high merit & general category I loosed it and I took admission in Engineering college. I was a quiet scholar, I spent most of my time on the playground. I am a successful engineer because I got college placement and as you all know it is hard nowadays to get a job for Engineers.

Due to bench period, I joined Amazon in 2016 it was a good one year meanwhile in 2017 IPL was going on and I joined “Vodafone Fan Army” My parents & relatives saw me on television they were so happy & wanted me to do more but at that time modelling wasn’t in my mind.



Prajakta Ghag at The London Fashion Week, MFF and Tasta the brand presents “SHIVJATASYA” .
Showcasing The Royal Collection of TASTA.

I met “Vijendra Bhagat” in my 2nd company Tech Mahindra, we did a short film together, he was a director from that I started feeling excited about it then I started giving auditions also my friends forced me to go ahead in this field . from that response & due to hectic schedule I needed to quit my job.

Are your parents happy about your career choice?

When I decided to quit my job my father was against of all this stuff related to the Film Industry. But my mother supported me throughout she was my real supporter in my downs.

I had a lot of good & bad experiences during my struggle period but all those things let myself to be more stronger in the real me where I can face my challenges very confidently.


Who is your Role Model?

My Father is my role model because of his honesty & love & the way he sculpted me & my siblings his kindness is his power. He is a retired Army officer & I am very proud of him.

What is your secrete behind beauty & fitness?

My parents are beautiful so I have got good skin & body from them. and to maintain it I use to eat clean & Hygenic food instead of oily food & regularly apply ice on my face.


Any message that you want to give to youth who wants to make a career in modelling?

I would like to tell you all the youth who want to make a career in modelling that always be safe & you have to be confident while stepping in this field choose wisely & trust the process, maintain yourself.

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